My Work is compelled by my interest in different perspectives culturally and individually.  

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Jaclyn Tyler Poeschl

I'm a photographer & film director born and raised in the midwest. I travel often and work locally in Boston, MA. Please contact me to collaborate.

My work is compelled by a curiosity for visually portraying different perspectives through the lens of the camera. My practice combines cinematography, still photography and experimental interactive art to question fixed personas and explore identity.

I've written, produced, and directed numerous films and love shooting cinematography for motion projects. My photographic portrait work is influenced heavily by the color, tone, and narrative qualities of cinematography. To view my photography blog and still photography client portfolio visit www.dakotalenoxphoto.com.

I have a degree in Fine Art Photography from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I'm currently getting my Masters Degree in Visual Studies from Lesley University in Boston, MA.

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